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Does Your AC Need Repairs or Replacement?


Why are we here at Air Conditioning Specialist already starting to talk about air conditioning? It’s still raining outside, and the weather isn’t warm enough to warrant the crank of your thermostat; however, this is precisely the time to make sure your system is in working order.

Wouldn’t you rather find out about an air conditioning malfunction now, when you don’t need cooling, than on a hot, muggy day in April, when you are sweating, standing in the middle of your living room?

We think it’s fair to assume you prefer the former. So, when you go to check to see if your air conditioning system is operating properly—keep an eye out for these signs. You may need repairs or replacement if you encounter any of the following symptoms.

Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repairs

Your air conditioning system is a complex network of moving parts that must remain intact, and in harmony, to provide adequate cooling throughout your home. If you notice any of the following, you need to hire a professional HVAC technician to conduct repairs on your cooling unit.

Contact Air Conditioning Specialist for air conditioning repair if you encounter:

  • Loud, unusual sounds emanating from your air conditioning system, such as banging or clanking.

  • Uneven cooling throughout your home’s rooms.

  • Weak airflow through your air conditioning ventilation.

  • Thermostat malfunctions that prevent sufficient cooling.

  • Leaking refrigerant.

  • Foul smells coming from your air vents.

Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Replacement

How do you know if it’s time for an entirely new cooling system? If your air conditioner aligns with any of the following, you need a new cooling network installed in your home.

It is time for air conditioning replacement if:

  • Your air conditioning unit is short cycling.

  • Your current air conditioner is over 10 years old.

  • Your utility bill is outrageously high.

  • Your cooling system won’t turn on.

  • Your air conditioning system still uses R 22 Freon.

  • You experience frequent breakdowns.

  • Your past repairs are adding up, and cost more than a replacement.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Ensuring your system is operating in an energy-efficient and cooling-proficient manner is important. Not only for your sake but also for your home’s benefit. When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, you should hire a professional to check-out your unit at least once a year. This will prevent small malfunctions from going unnoticed and unrepaired, halting unnecessary wear and tear.

Your home holds many electronics that can overheat if they are not kept cool, and your structure can buckle and warp if it becomes too humid or moist. Functioning air conditioning prevents these expensive damages from occurring, keeping your entertainment centers and property’s foundation protected from Georgia’s warm climate.

Additionally, a well working air conditioning unit is an energy-efficient one. Your utility bills will drop when your system is operating as it should, and your energy conservation will skyrocket. Maintaining your air conditioning network is an eco-friendly thing to do.

For all of your air conditioning repairs and replacements, contact Air Conditioning Specialist, Inc., at (844) 256-6800. We are here to keep your cooling needs satisfied.