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No Ducts? No Problem—Install Ductless


Why choose a Ductless cooling system for your home? If you don’t have preexisting ductwork, or you renovated your home with an add-on that is not connected to your current air conditioning network—ductless mini-splits are the solution to adding temperature control in your space.

Benefits Of Ductless AC Installation

Installation Is Minimally Invasive

If your home does not have ductwork already installed, placing one would require extensive demolition and construction. That’s why ductless air conditioning is your best bet. With a streamlined installation process, ductless mini-splits won’t disrupt your current interior design, nor will it take up any square footage. Installation simply requires a 3-inch hole to be drilled through an exterior wall. Once this is done, a pipe that connects your delivery unit to your outdoor condenser is threaded through the wall and attached to these units, which are wall-hung.

With a ductless system, you will be able to install cooling and heating in your attic, garage, bonus room, etc. without disrupting the integrity of your home’s character or design.

It Is Safer Than Other Non-Central HVAC Options

Debating between installing a window-unit system or a ductless system? Don’t! The decision is easy. Ductless systems are the safer choice, as window units require that your window remains open, leaving your home liable to break-ins.

Portable units are also available; however, not recommended. Portable cooling and heating systems cannot effectively control the temperatures in your home, as they do not have the power to adjust humidity levels or push air evenly throughout it.

Lastly, portable units are maintenance nightmares. They demand regular cleaning of their exhaust hose, air filters, and water pan, or they malfunction and leak—leaving your home susceptible to mold growth.

Customization Is Available

Never fight over your indoor temperature again. Ductless cooling can eliminate this age-old disagreement, as each room with a delivery unit can be controlled independently. That means each room in your home can maintain different temperatures. If you do choose to evenly cool your entire home, uniformly, you will be able to do so. Delivery units can be linked, allowing climate control of your home as a whole. Ductless systems are extremely versatile.

It Is More Energy-Efficient Than Traditional Systems

Traditional ductwork lends to significant energy loss. Duct losses account for over 30% of energy consumption in insulated homes; however, it increases if you have an unfinished attic, basement, or garage. This factor is eliminated with Ductless systems, making them the most energy-efficient cooling option on the market.

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