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10 Common AC Problems

Nothing is worse than air conditioning that doesn’t work properly—especially during a southern summer. Even if your unit operates as it should, it’s a good idea to check up on it to ensure everything is in order. At ACS, we’re your local experts in finding AC solutions, and we’ve seen it all. If you’re dealing with … Read more

COVID-19 & Your HVAC System: The Answers Category: HVAC, Indoor Air Quality

Misinformation is widespread. The COVID-19 outbreak initially instigated a frenzy among communities trying to prepare for shelter-in-place orders. People began stock-piling groceries and hoarding paper products. Cleaning products and disinfectant wipes were cleared from the shelves of local supermarkets. And people began working from home. Social distancing became paramount and remains as the most important … Read more

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

It’s lasting longer than anticipated; however, shelter-in-place orders provide a means to increase your productivity, shifting your energy towards those home improvement projects you’ve put off since you declared them, this past January, as your New Years resolutions. It’s time to turn off HGTV; and, instead of watching others change their spaces for the better, … Read more

No Ducts? No Problem—Install Ductless

Why choose a Ductless cooling system for your home? If you don’t have preexisting ductwork, or you renovated your home with an add-on that is not connected to your current air conditioning network—ductless mini-splits are the solution to adding temperature control in your space. Benefits Of Ductless AC Installation Installation Is Minimally Invasive If your home … Read more

Does Your AC Need Repairs or Replacement?

Why are we here at Air Conditioning Specialist already starting to talk about air conditioning? It’s still raining outside, and the weather isn’t warm enough to warrant the crank of your thermostat; however, this is precisely the time to make sure your system is in working order. Wouldn’t you rather find out about an air conditioning malfunction … Read more