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Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About Your AC


How much do you really know about your air conditioning system? You use it daily; yet, this extremely important appliance has a fun history that remains unknown to many. That’s why today, we here at Air Conditioning Specialist are imparting some chill air conditioning knowledge that will show you just how cool your system really is.

Here are some surprisingly fun facts about air conditioning systems:

The Ice Age

Before the technology for air conditioning units was created, large blocks of ice were used to keep people cool. As you can imagine, this technique was not sustainable; however, ice remained influential throughout the industry.

When air conditioning technology first emerged, output settings were measured in “Ice Power”, meaning they calculated cooling power based on how many blocks of ice it would take to produce the same reduction in temperature!

The Truth About Summer Breaks

Before air conditioning was widespread, the summer heat was too unbearable for students to attend school and learn. Hence, summer vacation was born. Luckily, even after cooling technology became available, summer breaks remained. Pretty great, right?

Coining The Term “Summer Blockbuster”

Movie theatres were one of the first commercial businesses to implement air conditioning! In the early 1900s, most people did not have residential cooling networks. And, as theatres became one of the only temperature-controlled spaces, communities traveled to their local theatres during the summer to evade the heat.

The movie industry picked up on this trend and began to save their big-budget films for a summertime release. This then coined the term, “summer blockbuster”, a phrase we still use today.

The First Air-Conditioned Car

In 1939, Packard, an automobile manufacturing company, came out with the first air-conditioned car! However, it did not become as popular as they thought it would. Apart from its high price tag, the car had no storage space! The air conditioners’ evaporator and blower system were housed in the trunk, taking up nearly all of the available storage space. Aren’t you glad technological advancements allowed for a more compact design?

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