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Smart Thermostat Features You Won’t Want To Live Without


If you are debating whether or not a smart thermostat is for you, the answer is simple: it is. Smart thermostats will optimize your heating and cooling, increasing your home comfort while decreasing your monthly utility costs. Not to mention, you will gain these beneficial features:

Energy Reports

Smart thermostats track your energy consumption, so you know exactly where your money is going. This analytical report function will prove beneficial, as you will be able to tailor your heating and cooling to enhance your energy efficiency.

Programmable Scheduling

Forget to adjust your air conditioning throughout the day? Set your thermostat to match your schedule. That’s right, you can input your daily routine and temperature preferences, so you don’t have to worry about disrupting cooling cycles! Additionally, if you have a ductless cooling system, you will be able to control each room with a delivery system independently, allowing for temperature control by zone. Never fight over the temperature with your spouse again!


With the ability to control your HVAC system from your phone, comes the capability of GPS detection. This technology will adjust your thermostat to use less energy when it detects that you are away from home; therefore, eliminating the inconvenience of having to turn around when you remember you left your air conditioning blowing at full power.

Automatic Updates & Notifications

Upgrading to a smart thermostat is the gift that keeps on giving! As technology progresses and user interfaces adapt, your thermostat will automatically update providing you with the latest system in the industry! You will continuously see improved functions and features without having to lift a finger!

This system will additionally notify you when it’s time for HVAC repairs, maintenance, and replacement! Never miss a malfunction again!

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