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Air Conditioning without Ducts: Pros and Cons

Hand with remote control directed on the conditioner

Air conditioning without ducts, such as ductless mini-split systems, is becoming increasingly popular for its simple installation, versatile usage in small spaces, and superior energy efficiency. HVAC professionals and homeowners alike are warming up to the idea of the newfangled concept of air conditioning without ducts as an alternative to traditional HVAC systems, because this … Read more

5 Common Questions About Ductless Heat Pumps

Image of ductless heat pump outside home ready for ACS technician

Before installing a new HVAC system, you may have a few questions about the system’s function, lifespan, and overall compatibility with your home. For ductless heat pumps, it’s important to hit all your bases before scheduling an installation.  If you have questions about ductless heat pumps, ACS has your answers. With decades of HVAC experience, … Read more

Should I Go Ductless?

April Supporting: Are you in the process of researching air conditioning options? If so, you have probably come across ductless air conditioning in your search. If you were left wondering more about the benefits of ductless systems, then keep reading our blog. Specialized Cooling Whether you want to cool the entire house or just one … Read more