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ACS Services: Everything You Need to Know

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ACS Services: Everything You Need to Know

At ACS, we want our customers to feel comfortable in their homes and businesses. Our services are built around common customer needs, such as efficient cooling, heating, and maintenance. Below, we break down an overview of our services to give you a better idea of what we offer and why. If you’re searching for HVAC professionals, look no further—we have you covered. 

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning is crucial in keeping your home at a comfortable, safe temperature. The system moves heat from inside to outside, blowing cool air into your home and pulling out the heat. Below is an overview of the air conditioning services and specialties we offer at ACS. 

Residential and Commercial AC Repair and Replacement

Both residential and commercial air conditioners need regular maintenance or even replacement. There are several indicators that you may need a new or updated unit, including failure to turn on, a lack of cool air, strange noises or odors, signs of leaking, insufficient air pressure, irregular temperatures, an increase in your utility bills, or if your unit is nearing its 10-year mark. 

If a professional determines that you need to replace your air conditioner, you will experience an upgraded, quieter system with a long-term warranty, added aesthetic appeal, maximized efficiency, reduced utility costs, and a guaranteed cool, comfortable home. 

Ductless AC

Consider a ductless air conditioner for its ability to heat or cool specific areas, lowered energy usage and cost of operation, fast installation process, ability to hide the compressor, and greater design flexibility. Ductless units distribute warm and cool air evenly throughout your space, and, despite higher upfront costs, they present long-term cost savings due to their overall efficiency and performance.  


Heating is important to stay warm in the winter. Furnace efficiency matters because it affects operation, cost, and longevity. Consider our heating services and specialties for the best options available in the colder months. 

Residential and Commercial Heater Repair and Replacement   

Heaters often malfunction due to overuse, age, or improper care. If you notice the following, it’s time to call us to fix your heater: higher energy bills, a heating system more than 20 years old, strange noises or smells, a finicky thermostat, or an erratic heater that constantly turns itself on and off. 

Heat Pumps   

Heat pumps are an efficient heating system that works by pumping heat into the home from outside or vice versa. They are capable of both providing heat and cooling off your home. Our heat pump services include repairs, replacement, installation, maintenance and energy assessment. 


A thermostat enables you to control the temperature you want, and a malfunctioning thermostat is a surefire way to miss out on the comfort you deserve. Common signs that you have a failing thermostat include a heater or air conditioner that won’t turn on, runs constantly, or turns on and off, bad heating or cooling throughout your space, or a lack of change in temperature when you adjust the thermostat. 

Indoor Air Quality

Good indoor air quality is crucial in avoiding respiratory problems and other health concerns, even if symptoms haven’t already surfaced. To maintain a safe environment, ACS helps you with your air ducts, air filters, air purification systems, and duct cleaning. 

Air Ducts 

Unless you have a ductless air conditioner, ductwork keeps your home cool or warm. Your ducts can become dirty, clogged, or wear out entirely, so they require consistent maintenance attention. Our air duct services include installation of new ductwork, repairs on existing air ducts, replacement of old ducts, duct cleaning, and air duct maintenance services. 

Air Filters 

Changing your air filter often is crucial to the overall health of your air systems. A dirty air filter can lead to uneven cooling or heating, higher energy bills, and respiratory problems. Benefits of regular air filter service include lower operation costs, reduced energy bills, greater air conditioning efficiency, improved indoor air quality, various health benefits, and increased eco-friendliness. 

Air Purification Systems  

Air purification systems enable cleaner, safer air inside your home. They reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses, lessen the severity of allergy and asthma symptoms, improve health and safety, lower instances of hay fever and environmental allergies, reduce odors, and eliminate harmful bacteria and contaminants. 

Duct Cleaning 

If your air duct needs to be cleaned, you may notice excessive dust, sinus problems, little to no air flow coming from vents, stale odors, sickness or allergies. We can help you keep your ducts clean and well-maintained to save you money on energy bills


ACS works with large refrigerator systems typically used for businesses. Before installing a new system, call us to come and check out repairs. Look out for the following symptoms: the fridge isn’t cold enough, the ice maker has stopped working, the unit is making unusual noises, or no water or ice is dispensing. 

Maintenance Plans

A final service we offer is preventative maintenance. Even if your systems appear to be working properly, it’s always good to have routine maintenance checks and catch problems before they occur. Benefits of regular HVAC maintenance include improved energy, lowered energy bills, reduced carbon footprint, longer-lasting systems, less frequent repairs, greater indoor comfort, and long-term savings. 

No matter what HVAC services you need, we’ve got your back. If you think it’s time for professional service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ACS for more information. We offer extensive experience whether you’re looking for assistance with your air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, refrigeration, or maintenance plans.