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Should I Go Ductless?

April Supporting:

Are you in the process of researching air conditioning options? If so, you have probably come across ductless air conditioning in your search. If you were left wondering more about the benefits of ductless systems, then keep reading our blog.

Specialized Cooling

Whether you want to cool the entire house or just one room, ductless systems allow you the option to do both. We highly recommend them for add-ons to the house, garages, attics, sunrooms, etc. They are easier to install in these instances than having to extend the ductwork.

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

One of the many benefits of ductless systems is their variable-speed blowers. This means that they power up at high speed to achieve the desired thermostat setting, then maintain that temperature by running the blower at a low speed. In contrast, most air conditioners power up at full speed and continue until reaching the temperature setting and then shut down.

Because they constantly switch from on to off to back on again, they waste an excessive amount of energy.

Easy Installation

While central air conditioners cost less upfront than ductless systems, the cost of installing or repairing ductwork can increase central installation costs considerably. Ductless systems are easy to install, and the job can be completed in one or two days.

Low Maintenance

Perhaps, the most appealing benefit of ductless systems is their low need for maintenance. They require minimal service in the spring and fall to make sure they’re ready to work hard during their “busy” season.

Keeping your home cool during a southern spring and summer is no easy task, but that’s what our experts are here for. We can help you determine which type of cooling system is best for your home and your needs.