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What AC Problems Need Professional Repairs?

HVAC technician repairing a Air conditioning unit

When it comes to HVAC maintenance, some ambitious homeowners like to take the reins themselves. However, while some easy fixes can be done all on your own, any significant HVAC issue should be left to the professionals. 

It’s important to call an experienced air specialist when something serious goes awry with your HVAC. Although taking the DIY approach is tempting, bringing in the experts for significant repairs is best. At ACS, our experts offer premium HVAC services and exclusive industry insight to make your home a comfort zone. With decades of valuable experience, our certified technicians will deliver the utmost professional and comprehensive repairs. Read below to learn which AC problems require a call to your local HVAC professionals. 

Broken Motor

There’s no worse feeling than when your AC unit seems to be working fine until, all of a sudden, the motor stops working. If your motor abruptly stops, it’s likely that your breakers or fuses overheated or have frozen over, depending on the climate. However, a broken motor can also result from dust build-up, poor airflow, or other electrical issues. If the root of your problem involves the system’s breakers, your best option is to call in the professionals. While performing maintenance, your local air specialist will decide whether to repair specific components or replace the motor. 

Improper Cooling

There’s nothing more frustrating than unwanted temperature fluctuations in your home. And the problem will only worsen if your AC stops cooling your space altogether. Cooling issues are typically a result of problems with your unit’s evaporator coils. Evaporator coils absorb the air’s heat and send it through your ductwork. However, if your coil corrodes, your cooling will be disrupted. Another culprit could be your unit’s compressor, which also is crucial to the heat exchange process. Problems with this component typically involve refrigerant imbalances and also require professional attention. 

Refrigerant and Water Leaks

Refrigerant or water leaks are one of the most common AC problems. Because they are easy to spot, most homeowners can nab these repairs immediately with a call from their local air specialist. Most HVAC leaks involve the unit’s condensate line, which releases excess condensation outside the unit. Not only will this type of issue cause leaks, but it may also shut down your unit altogether if left untreated. While it may be tempting to patch up leaks yourself, it’s best to call a technician to solve this issue. Otherwise, your unit will likely leak again and become at risk of mold growth or a complete breakdown. 

Strange Odors

Strange odors are generally not a good sign for your air conditioner. If you turn your system on and begin to get whiffs of burning, musty, or rotten smells, you should immediately call an HVAC professional. A burning smell can stem from an overheated, overworked compressor. If left unattended, malfunctioning compressors could become substantial fire hazards. Meanwhile, musty smells are signals of mold growth from refrigerant leaks. Letting these smells linger could add unwanted moisture to your walls and create mold. Ultimately, unusual smells of any kind should sound off alarm bells in your head and direct you to call your local air specialist for repairs. 

Unusual Noises

If you hear unusual noises coming from your AC unit, odds are something is wrong. Whether it be buzzing, rattling, hassling, challenging, or banging, any cacophony of sounds from your AC unit is a sign you need professional maintenance. For example, if your AC unit produces hissing noises, your system is likely losing air through leaking air ducts. Or this sound could also indicate an ill-fitting air filter. In either case, you’ll want to have local HVAC professionals come to assess the situation. Sounds of any kind require prompt action and extensive troubleshooting from a certified HVAC technician. 

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