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4 Ways to Save Energy in the Summer

Man programming thermostat

Summer marks the start of the air conditioning season. With outdoor temperatures rapidly rising, homeowners are cranking up their AC to stay cool and comfortable. However, cooling off can sometimes come with a price.  As a homeowner, it’s easy to go overboard in the summer and rack up energy costs. However, with help from a … Read more

4 Hidden Benefits of Regularly Replacing Your Air Filter

ACS HVAC Technician replacing air filter for AC Unit

As a homeowner, it’s easy to underestimate the value of your HVAC health. You probably know that your home HVAC sustains comfortable temperatures throughout your space; however, you might not be aware of the other valuable benefits of properly maintaining your home’s heating and cooling systems. Regularly changing your HVAC air filter is crucial to … Read more

5 Signs You Need an Air Purification System

Brunette woman sneezing as she needs an air purification system

There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own space. Whether your air feels stuffy or smells a little funky, poor indoor air quality can be detrimental to your home’s overall comfort and livability. If you experience similar discomfort, we have a solution for you.  At ACS, we are committed to optimizing your household’s indoor … Read more

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioning Unit?

images of an AC handler

There comes a point in every home or business owner’s life where they must choose between repairing or replacing their air conditioning unit. Of course, air conditioners don’t last forever and will eventually reach the point of replacement. But how do you know whether your AC unit has reached that point? At ACS, we offer … Read more