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Should I Replace My AC and Furnace at the Same Time?

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Like most household appliances, HVAC units aren’t meant to last forever. And sometimes, when parts of your system reach their end of life, it’s often wise to schedule a full HVAC system overhaul. 

If your AC or furnace breaks down, you might consider replacing both heating and cooling systems simultaneously. Though replacing only the broken appliance is tempting, installing new systems across the board could benefit you in the long run. At ACS, our experts offer premium HVAC services and exclusive industry insight to help you make informed decisions on your home HVAC. If you’re considering replacing your AC and furnace simultaneously, this blog is for you. 

When Should I Replace My AC and Furnace at the Same Time?

When considering simultaneous AC and furnace replacements, you should ask yourselves a few things. First, evaluate the age of both your units. If both your heating and cooling units have reached their peak ages, a system overhaul is a good idea. However, if well-maintained, furnaces can last almost twice as long as the average air conditioner, so aligning ages could be tricky. If your heater is at least a decade longer than your AC unit, then that’s typically an adequate time to go ahead and replace both units. 

Next, consider your system’s energy efficiency. If you’ve noticed your systems’ energy efficiency slowly deteriorate, it’s time to refresh with a newer model. In this case, replacing your AC and furnace is wise to ensure maximum efficiency across the board. 

Another consideration is cost. Replacing two HVAC units at once can be a significant expense. So, if you don’t have the budget to do a double replacement, we advise holding off until you’re financially prepared. 

What are the Pros of Replacing My AC and Furnace at the Same Time?

Many benefits come with replacing your AC and furnace at the same time. After all, with technology advancing more each day, newer HVAC models give the best performances across the board. Read below to learn about the benefits of dual system replacements. 

Lower Energy Bills

The newer the HVAC model, the more energy efficient it is. Although the installment cost might dent your finances, the return on investment is high as you will save on energy bills big time. With a freshly installed heating and cooling system, you can enjoy optimized energy efficiency and lower monthly utility costs. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Along with better energy efficiency, new heating and cooling systems will also provide the best indoor air quality. With both furnace and air conditioning units at peak condition, they will be free of any blockages or debris that could hinder indoor air quality. 

Peace of Mind

Installing new heating and cooling systems together brings ultimate peace of mind. By replacing both at the same time, you can sync their warranties so that you know you’re always covered if something goes wrong.  

Temperature Control

Optimized temperature control is more attainable when your systems are similar ages. So, the older your AC unit, the more likely you should replace it with your furnace, and vice versa. Doing so will allow for peak system performance with top-quality temperature control. 

When Should I Not Replace My AC and Furnace at the Same Time?

Replacing heating and cooling systems together has perks, but it’s not for everyone. There are certain circumstances in which you should avoid a system overhaul. Firstly, if your furnace and air conditioner are only a few years old and don’t appear to have any problems. After all, what good reason is there to replace a fully-functioning appliance? 

However, if your AC, furnace, or both units aren’t meeting your expectations, you could evaluate the cost difference in repairing vs installing a new system. If the repair will cost more than half the price of an installation and the unit is over six years old, consider a system overhaul.

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