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Designing Your Interior To Accommodate Fall Weather


When it comes to fall, accommodating the discrepancy between daytime temperatures and nighttime breezes can be tricky… and costly. That’s why we here at Air Conditioning Specialist are providing you with insider interior design tips that will help you better control and maintain even comfort throughout your space. That way, you won’t have to overwork both your air conditioning and heating throughout the fall season.

Here are some insightful interior design trends that will help you control your comfort:

Implement Natural Materials

When it comes to your fabrics and furnishings, natural fibers will keep your home cooler. Synthetic materials will only decrease breathability, increasing your body temperature. Cotton and linen are both great options for bedding, blankets, and throws. Not to mention, an all-natural upholstered couch will eliminate any potential sticking on hot days.

Install Curtains Or Screens

Any sun-facing windows need coverings. This will not only protect your furniture from fading, but it will also better insulate your home. Rather than allowing the sun to shine right into your space, which naturally heats your room, it will bounce off of your new lightly colored shades or curtains. Filtering out direct sunlight will drastically reduce temperature changes during fall, keeping your home more comfortable with less effort!

Add Plants

Have an outdoor space or balcony that gets uncomfortably hot? Create a sun screen using leafy bamboo and you’ll block the sun from breaching your space, while additionally increasing your privacy. Why bamboo? Bamboo grows quickly, it is easy to maintain, and allows air to pass, giving you the coverage you want without inhibiting nighttime breezes.

Rearrange Your Furniture

If your couch is situated next to a window, you are more exposed to felt temperature differences. There is inherent heat loss through windows, so at night you will feel colder when propped against a window, and vice versa during the day. So, grab your moving buddy and get pushing. Move your couch away from your windows and re-format your living space to reduce this phenomenon. And, you’ll enjoy the new feng shui!

Paint Your Walls With Cool Tones

Believe it or not, cooler paint tones will make your space feel cooler as well! Blues, whites, and greys will prove effective in making your space feel cooler. This nifty little mind trick is especially useful; and, you will be right on trend with an open and airy aesthetic, as lighter wall colors will make your space feel larger.

Place Your Dining Table In A Transitional Space

Enjoy your dinner porch-side. Establishing an even flow between your indoor and your outdoor space will provide a great evening breeze while you dine. As soon as the temperature begins to dip at night, open up your space to increase airflow. This will cool your space down while you cook, so you won’t have to kick your air conditioner into high gear to counteract the inherent increase in temperature. Just make sure to install screens, so you are not letting any bugs in with your breeze.

Create Drama With A Kitchen Hood

If you do not have a range fan installed in your home kitchen, this is negatively affecting your indoor climate. When you cook, humidity within your home increases. Without proper ventilation, this spike can lead to mold growth and warping wood. Luckily, hood fans are trending. Whether you want to build your hood into your cabinetry for more of a flushed design or have it exposed for a modern, bold look, range hoods will increase the value of your home. This upgrade is much superior to alternative options, such as over the range microwave ventilations.

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