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Holiday Heating Alternatives


When it comes to heating your home, it can get expensive. However, we are going to dish out some insider tips today that will help you keep your home comfortable and your costs low. We here at Air Conditioning Specialist have determined that practicing the following will increase your home climate without having to use your thermostat.

Here’s what you can do:

Hang Curtains

If you have large windows in your home, it is only natural that you are experiencing radiant heat loss. However, this heat loss is preventable. By hanging curtains over your windows, you will be able to reduce this heat loss, as curtains add a layer of insulation to your home. Not to mention, this upgrade will increase your heating efficiency and reduce your utility costs.

Cook More

Believe it or not, using your kitchen more will help heat your home. Your oven and stove are both heat-generating appliances and therefore will increase the temperature within your home during use. Just remember to use your kitchen ventilation so the humidity from cooking does not pose a potential moisture threat to your home.

Rearrange Your Furniture

As we touched upon earlier, heat can be lost through windows. So, it is important to keep your furniture more central in your space rather than pushed right up against a wall with windows. This will actually keep you warmer as your body heat will be better retained!

Switch The Rotation of Your Ceiling Fans

Just as your ceiling fans can make a room feel cooler, they can also make a room feel warmer! Switch the rotation of your fan to move in a clockwise direction, and warm air will be pushed down into your room.

Add A Rug

This comes down to added insulation. Placing a rug over your flooring will reduce heat loss! Almost 10% of your home’s heat loss occurs through your floors, so adding a rug to your space will mitigate this phenomenon.

For your home heating needs, contact Air Conditioning Specialist, Inc. at (844) 256-6800. We are here to help you achieve a comfortable and cozy home this winter.