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Clear Ducts, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose


It’s the final countdown and how you close out this year is in your hands…what are you going to do? You look to your coaches (us here at Air Conditioning Specialists) and they are mouthing the words you know all too well—Clear Ducts, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose. You immediately realize know exactly what you need to do…

As you dip, dive, and dodge the remaining obstacles of 2020, you reach for your phone and call your trusted team—it’s time for maintenance. It’s been a trying year, and you want to start off on the right foot entering 2021. So, just as Coach Taylor would be, we are here to mentor you through achieving your goals for a safe and healthy 2021.

Uncompromised indoor air quality is more important than ever. With a pandemic, stay-at-home orders have brought more people home for longer times, making these spaces increasingly significant to the happiness and wellbeing of each and every one of you. So, when you dialed us in, we came prepared to deliver. And there is no better play to enact going into the new year than duct cleaning, and here’s why:

When To Use The Duct Cleaning Play

Because your air ducts are out of sight, they are generally out of mind as well. It is only natural. However, the fact that ductwork lives within the walls and ceiling of your home, does make it hard to assess when they need to be cleaned. So, you must rely on your other senses to determine when it is time to put this play into action. Here are the common signs your home needs duct cleaning:

  • Dust is settling and building up throughout your home.
  • There is visible dust floating around your home, even after you cleaned.
  • You have frequent allergy symptoms or sinus issues indoors.
  • Your airflow is inadequate and has been dwindling.
  • There is a musty odor within your space, especially right after you turn your heater or air conditioner on.
  • You have more frequent headaches, stuffy noses, and other health implications.

If you realize that one or more of the above statements are relatable, it is time to pass the ball to us and let the professional HVAC technicians take care of your ducts. Duct cleaning will not only eliminate any of the mentioned problems but also reduce your energy bills. How is this possible? Well, a clean pathway allows your HVAC network to run more efficiently, as it does not have to overcome blockages and other efficiency barriers that come along with dirt and debris build-up. The cleaner your ducts the less work your system has to do to get your controlled air to your space, inherently lowering your monthly heating or cooling costs while benefiting your overall climate control success.

Our Duct Cleaning Technique

Using Rotobrush technology, we are able to remove dust, pollen, and mold from your ducts. With a specialized hose, we can restore your ducts so they appear and function as though they are brand new.

To access your ductwork, we will remove the vent and register covers first. These pieces will be cleaned as well. Then, we use our rotating brush to pull any dust or debris from the walls of your ducts. Following this tool, a vacuum hose is used to suck this debris out of your network. Lastly, the inside walls of your ducts will be misted with an EPA-registered anti-microbial coating that guards against mold growth.

If you believe your ducts need cleaning, repairs, or replacement, contact Air Conditioning Specialist, Inc. at (844) 256-6800! We provide quick responses, free service estimates, and a peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and healthy coming into the new year.