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How To Heat Your Home For A Thanksgiving Gathering


Whether you have a family over this year for the holidays or you are sticking to your established quarantine bubble, it is important to note how Thanksgiving affects your indoor climate. With all of the extra cooking, your home humidity is going to inherently increase. Here’s how to combat rising temperatures and the best adjustments to make for your home comfort this holiday season! Follow these Air Conditioning Specialist tips:

Use Your Kitchen Hood

When it comes to Thanksgiving, it is all about cooking. We all throw our chef-hats on, grab the festive apron that reads something along the lines of, “this guy loves pumpkin pie” and we begin mixing and stirring. Then it hits us—you are sweating and can’t figure out how it got quite that hot in your kitchen. Well, when your heat is cranked up, your stove is handling four different saucepans, and your oven is baking your famous stuffing, this temperature increase shouldn’t really come as such a shock.

When you cook, your home humidity will increase due to the steam and heat produced by your cooking food and kitchen appliances. It is imperative that you switch your fans to “on” to wick away accumulating moisture. This will not only help to better control your felt temperature but also guards against mold growth.

Lower Your Temperature

You may have guessed that this was coming next—lower your indoor set temperature to accommodate the increase in heat from cooking! This should also be done if people are gathering at your residence, as your guest’s body heat will inherently increase the temperature in your home.

Shift your temperature down for Thanksgiving. Your home will remain a stable, comfortable climate due to your holiday activities—including eating! Did you know that your body temperature naturally increases after a meal? And we all know Thanksgiving is THE meal of the year. So, keep this in mind!

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