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4 Ways to Save Energy in the Summer

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Summer marks the start of the air conditioning season. With outdoor temperatures rapidly rising, homeowners are cranking up their AC to stay cool and comfortable. However, cooling off can sometimes come with a price. 

As a homeowner, it’s easy to go overboard in the summer and rack up energy costs. However, with help from a local air specialist like ACS, you can be more mindful of your summer HVAC habits and minimize energy consumption. With decades of industry experience, our certified technicians offer valuable HVAC insight and services to ensure your household is comfortable all summer long. Read below for our list of tips on how to save energy this summer. 

Change Your Air Filter

Dirty, clogged air filters are common culprits of high summer energy costs. When not regularly changed, air filters can collect dust, dirt, and dander that will disrupt airflow. As a result, your system will have to use twice the amount of energy and horsepower to efficiently cool your home, which will be reflected in your monthly utility bills. At ACS, our experts recommend changing your air filter every 30-60 days, especially if you have pets, severe allergies, or the habit of constantly running your air conditioning. In our books, the best way to kick off your summer is with a fresh new air filter.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a huge asset for minimizing energy usage. Allowing you better to manage your home’s temperature, programmable thermostats will learn your heating and cooling habits and adjust the temperature accordingly. In doing so, they will ensure your home’s energy usage is kept at a minimum, as your heating and cooling systems will only activate when necessary. Perhaps you’re going on a summer vacation and will be out of your home for a while. In this case, your smart thermostat will automatically adjust temperatures in your absence to minimize energy usage and maintain system efficiency. 

Utilize Ceiling Fans

Summer and ceiling fans go hand in hand when managing energy consumption. With just the flip of a switch, your ceiling fan will cool your space and allow you to raise your thermostat, setting up 4°F with no effect on your comfort. However, remember to turn off your fans when you leave the room, as constant usage is counterproductive for energy savings. 

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is your ultimate defense against rising summer energy costs. Rather than waiting till disaster strikes, scheduling routine maintenance allows you to proactively take care of HVAC issues in their infancy. As a result, you can save big on costly system repairs and enjoy consistent indoor comfort all summer long. At ACS, we offer comprehensive residential and commercial maintenance plans to maintain manageable energy costs and system efficiency. Our technicians will visit your home right before summer begins to ensure uninterrupted, top-quality air conditioning all season. 

HVAC Heating and Cooling with ACS

At ACS, we are committed to helping you get the most out of your heating and cooling systems. Whether it’s repairs, replacement, installation, or routine maintenance, no HVAC job is too big or too small for our team of certified HVAC technicians. If you need assistance with your home’s air conditioning this summer, connect with our team today for premium HVAC maintenance in Covington, Milledgeville, and surrounding areas.