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Tips for Summer Fun!


At long last, summer is upon us! This time of year is a favorite among families everywhere. It’s a time when free-spiritedness reigns, watermelons ripen and the world comes alive with the colors of the season. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy this season of sun with your family, you might just want to try these four activities.

1. Refreshing Refreshments

No doubt about it. It’s easy for kids to forget to drink enough water during the summer to stay hydrated. However, there’s a fun way to encourage your kids to drink their fill this summer: magical ice cubes. These cubes aren’t really magic, but they sure taste like it. Best of all, they’re easy to make. All you need to do is fill a pitcher with water, some fresh berries, some apple or orange slices, and maybe a mint leaf or two.

Once this is prepped, pour the fruity water into an ice tray and allow the mixture to freeze. These fruity ice cubes add color and sweet summer flavor to your drinks and are loads of fun for kids to make, ensuring that they’ll drink plenty of water in the process. This recipe makes great popsicles, too!

2. Map the Stars

Stargazing in the summer is just the best. All you and yours need to make an evening out of this activity is some blankets and pillows and space in the backyard that’s unobstructed by trees. Once the sun dips below the horizon and the stars come out, head out to the backyard to watch the stars twinkle and to look for falling stars.

You can add a bit of playful fun to the mix to encourage kids to burn off some steam by bringing glow sticks outside with them. Your kids can light up the yard with the glow stick if they need to get up and walk around for a bit between falling stars.

3. Host a Block Party

If you just can’t seem to motivate yourself to get your house ready for the summer, then give yourself some incentive. Host a block party. Invite your neighbors over for a potluck-style dinner. You can provide the place and one of the main staples like a delicious pasta salad. The neighbors can bring the rest.

While you’re prepping for the party, be sure to check the plumbing in the bathrooms and give the A/C the once over. Change any filters and do a test run to ensure that everything works like it should. If not, check with an HVAC pro before the event to get things squared away. Doing this not only gets your house ready for summer but ensures that your guests will be comfortable once the party gets underway.

4. Take a Hike

One of the great things about summer is that it encourages you to get outdoors and explore. If you and yours live near hiking trails, then be sure to take advantage of them this summer.

You can even make it educational by asking your kids to identify native plants and animals along the way, and instead of taking pictures to commemorate the occasion, bring along sketchbooks and pencils to get in a little urban sketching. People who draw their experiences remember them better than those who take photos.

How do you plan on spending this summer with your family? We’d love to hear your ideas.