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A Beginner’s Guide to Air Conditioner Components

A close-up of the propeller of a moving air conditioning unit

With summer in full swing, we’re guessing your air conditioner is on full blast. That said, you might run into a few HVAC hiccups here and there as your usage increases. Though you can always ask your local experts for advice, having some air conditioner knowledge under your belt doesn’t hurt in these situations. At … Read more

How to Set Your Thermostat in the Summer

A person setting thermostat in a home

When cooling your home in the summer, you shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and energy savings. By strategically setting your thermostat based on your household’s whereabouts, you can beat the heat without worrying about rising energy costs. At ACS, we offer premium HVAC services and exclusive industry expertise to make your home a comfort … Read more

What is a Mini-Split Duct System?

a person turning on mini-split with a remote

Energy efficiency, dual capabilities, and easy installation are just a few of the benefits of mini-split duct systems. Perfect for homeowners living in a house without ductwork, mini-split duct systems offer a level of convenience that can’t be found anywhere else. If you have questions about mini-split duct systems, ACS has your answers. With decades … Read more

What are the Different Types of Air Conditioners?

Closeup of Outdoor Air Conditioning unit

An efficient air conditioning system is a household essential. However, homeowners shouldn’t just go for the first AC model they see. Instead, they should evaluate their options to determine which air conditioner type best suits their household’s needs.  At ACS, we deliver top-quality air conditioning services to the Georgians who need it most. With decades … Read more

4 Hidden Benefits of Regularly Replacing Your Air Filter

ACS HVAC Technician replacing air filter for AC Unit

As a homeowner, it’s easy to underestimate the value of your HVAC health. You probably know that your home HVAC sustains comfortable temperatures throughout your space; however, you might not be aware of the other valuable benefits of properly maintaining your home’s heating and cooling systems. Regularly changing your HVAC air filter is crucial to … Read more

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioning Unit?

images of an AC handler

There comes a point in every home or business owner’s life where they must choose between repairing or replacing their air conditioning unit. Of course, air conditioners don’t last forever and will eventually reach the point of replacement. But how do you know whether your AC unit has reached that point? At ACS, we offer … Read more