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Why Dryer Vent Cleaning is Important

HVAC Technician cleaning a dryer vent

Washers and dryers are a household staple. So, cleaning and caring for these appliances should be your top priority unless you want to disrupt your family’s laundry routine. That said, we cannot stress enough how important it is to clean your dryer vents to maintain your system’s performance. 

At ACS, we offer comprehensive, professional dryer vent cleaning to households across Covington, Milledgeville, and surrounding areas. Offering top-quality services and exclusive industry expertise, our HVAC specialists promise nothing but the best for your dryer system. Below, we’ve compiled a guide on why dryer vent cleaning is important for your household and why our team is the best for the job. 

In this article, our HVAC experts discuss why dryer vent cleaning is important by exploring the following topics:

    • Why dryer vent cleaning is necessary
    • How often you should clean your dryer vents
    • The main benefits of dryer vent cleaning

Why Clean Dryer Vents?

Most households are used to periodically cleaning out their dryer’s lint trap. However, many need to realize that they should be paying attention to the vents as well. The dryer vent is located on the back of the dryer, and its job is to release hot air from the dryer to the outside of your home. Though often overlooked, dryer vents are a crucial part of your system. Without them, you put your home at risk of excessive heat, moisture, lint, and potential safety hazards. 

Though the lint trap does catch most of the lint from your laundry load, it’s not strong enough to capture it all. Any lint that surpasses the trap will get pulled into the vent and clog your dryer, causing your system to malfunction. And if this debris continues to accumulate, it could reach your dryer’s heating element and catch fire. That said, you’ll want to schedule dryer vent cleaning if you haven’t already to ensure your household’s health and safety and maintain your system performance. 

How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?

The U.S. Fire Administration suggests cleaning your dryer vents at least once a year, especially if you have a larger household with heavier dryer use. While you can clean your vents on your own, this should be paired with regularly scheduled professional cleaning. Combining the two will ensure optimal performance, safety, and cleanliness for your system. 

Staying on top of your dryer vent cleaning schedule is important. If you don’t, your systems’ performance will decline, resulting in longer dryer times, musty-smelling clothing, burning smells, and more. If you see any warning signs, schedule professional dryer vent cleaning immediately. Waiting too long could result in a severe safety hazard. 

What are the Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning?

One yearly cleaning goes a long way with your dryer’s performance. Households who maintain their system cleanings and maintenance will see visible improvements in their laundry loads, from shorter drying cycles to less damage to clothing. While the benefits of professional dryer vent cleaning are endless, we’ve listed some of the top ones below: 

Lower Energy Bills

A malfunctioning dryer will waste a lot of energy. And you can expect that energy usage to be reflected in your monthly power bills. Regular professional dryer vent cleaning will mitigate strain on your machine and minimize energy consumption. 

Better Dryer Performance

No one likes waiting for their clothes to dry. Not to mention when you have to run the cycle a second time! Regularly cleaning your dryer vents will improve system performance, resulting in shorter, more efficient dryer cycles and less post-cycle clothing damage. 

Reduced fire Risk

As mentioned above, clogged dryer vents can cause serious fire hazards. In fact, dryers and washing machines are responsible for over 15,000 fires every year. For the sake of your household’s health and safety, we strongly encourage yearly professional dryer vent cleaning. Doing so will keep your mind at ease, knowing your loved ones are safe and your system is operating correctly. 

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