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Insulation Doesn’t Just Help in Winter!


When you think about home insulation, the season that comes to mind is probably winter. With chilly wind and ice-cold temperatures, insulation acts as a blanket and a windbreaker for your home all in one. It keeps the cold out while trapping the heat generated by your furnace.

However, the benefits of insulation travel far outside of the winter season; it also helps to keep your home cool in the blistering summers.

How does insulation work?

Think of insulation like your hydro flask. When you put your hot coffee into the hydro flask, you can expect it to stay hot for hours. This is because the hydro flask is insulated! Conversely, when you pour ice-cold water into the hydro flask, you can expect it to stay ice cold for multiple hours.

The same goes for insulating your home. The insulation acts as a temperature barrier to the exterior elements. So if you have the AC pumping on a hot summer day, your insulation will help trap the cold air inside and keep the hot air outside of your home.

Where do I need insulation?

In order to work effectively, you need to make sure that insulation is correctly installed throughout your home. Insulation is very important in the walls, but more important even in the attic space! This is even more critical in the summer when the sun is beaming down directly onto your attic for most of the day. If you can keep the attic cool with insulation, you’ll be able to control the temperature throughout the rest of the home much easier.

Do you have more questions about home insulation and how it can help you this summer? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts!