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How HVAC Upgrades Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

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Whether you stay in your home for another six years or six months, investing in home HVAC upgrades never hurts. Upon moving in, your HVAC system might’ve been in its prime. However, it likely won’t be in the same condition when you move out. That said, you’ll want to make some HVAC upgrades to maximize your home’s resale value before putting it on the market.

Upgrading your home’s HVAC systems is a surefire way to increase your equity and resale value. However, you’ll want to ensure they’re done by someone you can trust! At ACS, we offer premier HVAC repair, replacement, and maintenance to residences across Milledgeville, Covington, and surrounding areas. With help from our certified technicians, you can give your home HVAC the boost it needs to be a smash hit among home buyers. 

In this article, our industry experts share which kinds of HVAC upgrades will boost your home’s resale value, including : 

    • Smart thermostat
    • Humidity control
    • HVAC zoning 
    • Updated ductwork 
    • Energy recovery ventilators 

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are high on home buyer’s wishlists. So, why not cater to the people? Adding a smart thermostat to your home will increase your home’s value and vastly improve its livability. Enabled by your home’s wifi connection, a smart thermostat will automatically adjust to your temperature habits, creating a regular heating and cooling schedule for your household. It will automatically adapt to weather conditions and your household’s whereabouts, such as turning temperatures down while you’re on vacation, to maximize energy saving and indoor comfort. 

Humidity Control

If your home is on the older side, its humidity control might not be up to industry standards. And though you might’ve gotten used to these conditions over time, your prospective buyers likely won’t have the same tolerance. We recommend installing a home humidifier to improve indoor air quality and comfort. A humidifier might also enhance your home’s interior, as dry air can easily crack or warp wooden elements, which could be a complete eye-sore for buyers!

HVAC Zoning

Older homes might have whole-house HVAC systems, which are considered outdated by industry standards. While these systems can offer benefits during extreme temperatures, they are less efficient than modern zoning methods and can often cause air imbalances throughout a home. Implementing a system with zoning capabilities will increase your home’s overall energy efficiency, allowing you to heat or cool individual areas of your home rather than in its entirety. Zoning systems will significantly increase your home’s resale value, improving airflow while minimizing maintenance and installation needs. 

Fresh Ductwork

Ductwork is something you should definitely consider before listing your home for sale. Responsible for your home’s air circulation, ductwork delivers fresh air and removes stale air. While your ductwork might not need replacing before listing your home, it will likely need a professional cleaning. This will improve its function, minimize dust buildup on interior surfaces, and ensure your air ducts are all clean and ready for your home’s future tenants! 

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Installing an energy recovery ventilator is a simple way to improve your home’s equity and maximize indoor comfort. These innovative air exchanger systems offer value, especially during the summer and winter when temperatures are at their most extreme. Using outside air to cool and heat your home instead of mechanical equipment, energy recovery ventilators allow more fresh air into your home while filtering excess moisture and heat. As a result, you, and eventually your home buyer, will experience minimal energy costs and peak system performance. 

HVAC Heating and Cooling with ACS

If you need professional HVAC repair, replacement, or maintenance before listing your home for sale, you can count on ACS to deliver nothing but the best! With decades of valuable industry experience, our certified HVAC technicians are the best in the game! Connect with our team today for top-quality HVAC maintenance, repair, or installation in Covington, Milledgeville, and surrounding areas.