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Everything to Know About Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Person changing temperature on a mini-split heat pump from ACS HVAC services

If you’re in the market for a new heating and cooling system, chances are you’ve come across heat pumps. As one of the most efficient heating systems on the market, heat pumps are an excellent option for homeowners looking to optimize their comfort.

Heat pumps come in various models, each having its own unique set of features and components. One of these models is a mini-split heat pump, which can be commonly found among houses with non-ducted heating systems. If you’re considering a mini-split heat pump system for your home, allow the HVAC experts at ACS to sell you on the idea. Read below for our comprehensive breakdown of mini-split heat pumps to determine if this system is right for you.

What is a Mini-Split Heat Pump?

A mini-split heat pump, also known as a ductless heating and cooling system, is a popular type of air-source heat pump. Transferring heat from outside into your home, mini-split heat pumps contain an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit like most other heat pump models. However, unlike traditional HVAC units, mini-split systems do not require ductwork. That said, they cannot distribute air throughout your home like conventional HVAC systems, as the lack of ductwork limits their reach to just one room or space.

How Does a Mini-Split Heat Pump Work?

Mini split heat pumps follow a straightforward heating and cooling process. Using refrigerant, a mini-split system will transfer heat energy back and forth between the outside and inside of your home. When outdoor temperatures are high, the unit’s refrigerant absorbs the heat from inside your home and transfers it outside. When it’s cold out, the unit will do the opposite and absorb the outdoor heat to transfer it into your home.

What are the Types of Mini-Split Heat Pumps?

One of the reasons homeowners love mini-split heat pumps is their flexibility. Because they come in various models, mini-split heat pumps allow you to be selective and choose a system that fits your home structure. The following are some popular mini-split heat pump models that you could consider:

Single-Zone Mini-Split Heat Pump

Single-zone mini-split heat pumps control the temperature of one single area or room. Whether it be a bedroom, a large living area, or a garage, these models are an excellent option for heating and cooling spaces that your household might frequently use.

Multi-Zone Mini-Split Heat Pump

Multi-zone mini split heat pumps are designed to cool or heat several rooms throughout a home. Unlike single-zone models, multi-zone systems require 2-4 indoor units connected to one singular outdoor unit. Despite being connected to one singular outdoor unit, each indoor component functions independently, allowing you to change temperatures from room to room.

Wall-Mounted Mini-Split Heat Pump

Typically the cheapest installation option, wall-mounted mini-split heat pumps are positioned near the top of the wall. They are best suited for rooms with at least 7’-8’ high ceilings and can support single- and multi-zone systems.

Floor Mounted Mini-Split Heat Pump

Floor-mounted mini-split heat pumps are also installed on the wall, except they’re placed toward the ground instead of the ceiling. So, a floor-mounted model could be a better fit if you have lower ceilings, slanted walls, or large windows.

Ceiling Cassette Mini-Split Heat Pump

Ceiling cassette mini-split heat pumps are placed on the ceiling. These models are optimal for sizable rooms because they provide more ample airflow than other types, blowing air from each of their four openings.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Mini-Split Heat Pump?

Like most household appliances, mini-split heat pumps have their fair share of pros and cons. However, what could be considered a pro or a con depends entirely on your household’s unique needs and preferences. Read below for a list of advantages and disadvantages of mini-split heat pumps:


    • Quick and easy installation due to lack of ductwork
    • Low operation costs
    • Strong energy efficiency
    • Improved indoor air quality due to expansive filtration options
    • Minimal maintenance requirements


    • Higher installation costs
    • High risk of short cycling from improper unit positioning
    • Indoor units can have an unfavorable appearance that can take away from a room’s aesthetic

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