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5 Benefits of Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

HVAC technician performing a dryer vent cleaning

As a responsible homeowner, you’re likely used to cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap after each use. But did you know the lint trap only captures a small fraction of the buildup from your laundry? Most of the particles end up in your dryer vent! 

Knowing this, it might be time to consider professional dryer vent cleaning. 

At ACS, we offer top-quality dryer vent cleaning services to residences and businesses across Milledgeville, Covington, and surrounding areas. With decades of valuable industry experience, our NATE-certified technicians promise to inspect your dryer system thoroughly to ensure proper airflow and minimize safety risks. 

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of professional dryer vent cleaning by discussing the following perks:

    • Reduced fire risk
    • Lowered energy bills
    • Faster drying cycles
    • Fewer repairs and maintenance
    • Reduced mold risk

Reduces Fire Risk

Did you know dryers and washing machines cause over 15,000 fires yearly? And of these fires, many are caused by dirty or clogged dryer vents. The high temperatures of dryers and the flammability of lint create a recipe for fire risk. The best way to mitigate this risk and prevent these hazards is to have your dryer exhaust vents professionally inspected and cleaned every year. This professional cleaning is especially important for larger households, typically those with several kids or pets, as they will likely have heavier dryer use. 

Lowers Energy Bills

If there’s one thing homeowners love, it’s cost savings. And one of the easiest ways to cut household expenses is to save energy. With professional dryer cleaning, your dryer will more easily allow exhausted air to travel freely, mitigating strain on the machine and minimizing energy use. As a result, you’ll notice your energy bills decrease as your dryer’s energy expenditure lessens. So, if you’re putting off scheduling professional dryer cleaning, know the dust and debris buildup in your vent is costing you more than you might think. 

Allows for Faster Drying Cycles

Have you ever had to cycle a load of laundry multiple times for everything to dry? Many homeowners might think this means they need a machine with higher efficiency, but you can actually fix these slow drying times with professional dryer vent cleaning! Since cleaning improves system efficiency, you’ll no longer have to run your machine multiple times to dry a load completely. Instead, you’ll only need one cycle – sometimes even less! With professional dryer cleaning, gone are the days of monitoring your dryer for several hours straight and here come quicker, more efficient dryer cycles! 

Lessens Need for Repairs or Maintenance

Lint and other vent obstructions cause significant wear and tear on your dryer. As a result, your dryer will likely need more repairs than the average machine and probably need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Annual dryer vent cleaning maintains your system’s performance and elongates its lifespan. If your cleaning schedule is on track, you won’t have to worry about dryer parts failing prematurely and inflicting major inconvenience on your household. 

Minimizes Mold Risk

Fire isn’t the only risk associated with washer and dryers. Unfortunately, mold is also another huge hazard. On average, one clothing load contains nearly a half-gallon of water. A well-operating dryer vent system will expel this water during the drying cycle. However, a clogged or leaking dryer vent system cannot remove this moisture, allowing the water to marinate in the vent and mix with excess lint. This mixture can then stick to the vent walls, worsening the blockage and creating a significant risk of mold and mildew growth.  

HVAC Heating and Cooling with ACS

If you need professional dryer vent cleaning, you can count on ACS to get the job done. With decades of industry experience, our certified HVAC technicians will deliver nothing but the best! Connect with our team today for top-quality HVAC maintenance, repair, or installation in Covington, Milledgeville, and surrounding areas.