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5 Signs You Need an Air Purification System

Brunette woman sneezing as she needs an air purification system

There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own space. Whether your air feels stuffy or smells a little funky, poor indoor air quality can be detrimental to your home’s overall comfort and livability. If you experience similar discomfort, we have a solution for you. 

At ACS, we are committed to optimizing your household’s indoor air quality. Our premium air purification system services purify the vital air you and your family breathe daily, turning your home into the healthiest and safest version of itself. If you are unsure whether you could use an air purification system in your home, allow us to sell you on the idea. Read below for our top five signs you need an air purification system. 

Your Allergies are Acting Up

While it’s common to experience allergies outdoors, they shouldn’t persist inside your home. From a stuffy nose and itchy eyes to constant headaches and sneezing, severe allergy symptoms are never fun to deal with, especially when you can’t escape them indoors. Dust pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants circulating through your air can trigger these allergy symptoms. By installing an efficient air purification system, you can filter out these airborne allergens and restore your health and happiness within your home. 

You Smell Bad Odors

Even if you regularly clean your home, it can be hard to escape common household odors. Whether it’s residual smells from a greasy fish dinner or potent odors from your trash can, some smells cannot be fixed with just a spritz of air freshener or a lit scented candle. With an efficient air purification system, you can eliminate these lingering odors once and for all and revitalize your household scent. 

Your Air is Humid

If you live in the South, you’re probably no stranger to humidity. But while it’s common to experience humidity by the beach or at the park, the same should not be said for your home. If your indoor air begins to feel damp, moist, and sticky, you definitely could use an air purification system. Not only will your air purifier eliminate humidity, but it will also provide many other valuable benefits to your household. 

You See Dust Mites Everywhere

Do you feel like you’re constantly fighting dust mites? Whether on your picture frames, under your bed, or even floating around in your air, dust mites are a menace best taken out by an air purification system. If you feel as if dust is constantly accumulating throughout your home, no matter how much you clean, invest in a quality air purifier to end this vicious cycle. 

You Use Varnish and Disinfectants

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are harmful pollutants from carpeting, adhesive, disinfectants, and varnishes. Commonly in formaldehyde or benzene, VOCs can harm your household’s health, causing eye irritation, breathing issues, and even potential damage to the central nervous system. Specific models of air purifiers are useful for combating VOCs and filtering them out of your air. Installing these will improve indoor air quality and mitigate the risk of illness in your household. 

HVAC Heating and Cooling with ACS

If you’re searching for air purification services, you can count on ACS to deliver nothing but the best. Our HVAC-certified technicians have decades of industry experience and are equipped to create the healthiest and safest indoor environment possible for your household. Connect with our team today for premium air purification installation and repair in Covington, Milledgeville, and surrounding areas.