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5 Common Thermostat Issues and How to Fix Them

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Your thermostat is the messenger between you and your HVAC system. So, it’s safe to say that a thermostat can seriously interfere with indoor comfort and air quality when broken. To minimize these disruptions, you should familiarize yourself with common thermostat issues and how to address them. 

At ACS, we know how vital your thermostat is to your indoor comfort. That’s why we offer comprehensive repairs, replacements, and thermostat installation across Covington, Milledgeville, and surrounding areas. With help from our HVAC-certified technicians, you’ll be able to control your home’s temperature without any disruptions!  

 In this blog, our industry experts discuss the most common thermostat issues and how to fix them, including: 

  • The thermostat isn’t reaching the set temperature
  • The thermostat has heating and cooling continuously running
  • The thermostat isn’t turning on
  • The thermostat is stuck on one setting
  • The thermostat display is blank

The Thermostat isn’t Reaching the Set Temperature

It can be really frustrating when your thermostat isn’t reaching your desired temperature. When this occurs, it’s likely due to dirty or damaged sensors. Your thermostat uses temperature sensors to send messages to your HVAC system. However, if these sensors break or become dirty over time, they won’t work correctly, and your thermostat will read a temperature that doesn’t match the room’s temperature. 

If this issue stems from dirty sensors, all you need to do is remove your thermostat cover and clean its components using a soft-bristled brush. However, if the problem is a damaged thermostat sensor, you’ll likely need to call your local air specialist to install a replacement. 

The Thermostat has Heating and Cooling Continuously Running

Once your thermostat reaches the set temperature, it should automatically signal your AC or furnace to switch off. However, you may find that your HVAC system keeps running long after reaching your set temperature. If this occurs, your thermostat might have your fans set to “auto,” which means your blower will continuously circulate air. To fix this, change the fan settings to “on” so it only runs when the furnace or AC is running. If it’s not your fan settings, the culprit might be a faulty thermostat. In this case, you’ll need to call a professional to help diagnose and repair the issue. 

The Thermostat isn’t Turning On

If your thermostat isn’t turning on at all, it could be from a number of internal issues. For starters, you should first check if your thermostat needs new batteries. While many of today’s digital thermostats are connected to your home electrical system, some still rely on battery power. So, if all your thermostat needs are new batteries, you can quickly resolve the problem with a replacement. If it’s not a battery issue, the problem might lie in poor connection, a blown fuse, or a tripped circuit breaker, in which case, you’ll likely need professional assistance to make a repair. 

The Thermostat is Stuck on One Setting

When your thermostat won’t budge, your first instinct might be to press a bunch of buttons and see what happens. But unfortunately, this won’t get you anywhere. Your thermostat might be stuck if the child lock setting is activated, which you can easily disable on your own. Or, if it’s a power issue, all you might need to do is replace the batteries. 

Another reason your thermostat might be stuck on one setting is if its wiring has gone bad. In this case, you must remove the thermostat cover and check inside for any loose, detached, or corroded wires. If you encounter wiring issues, it might be time to call your local air specialist for assistance. 

The Thermostat Display is Blank

A blank thermostat display is never a good sign. But luckily, it can sometimes be a quick, easy fix. Your first troubleshooting option for a blank thermostat is to replace the batteries. If this doesn’t turn the screen on, the issue might lie with your circuit breaker. If you have a hardwired thermostat, check your electrical box for tripped circuit breakers and reset any ones you find. Doing so should do the trick and reboot your thermostat display. 

Lastly, a blank thermostat might result from a tripped safety switch. If you discover a tripped switch around your furnace or air conditioner, along with excess moisture or heat within your system, you’ll want to schedule professional HVAC maintenance as soon as possible. 

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